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Kat..,you would not recognize our Thanksgiving spread Turducken, Creole style jambalaya stuffing, 2 types of Gumbo (chicken/andouille, seafood), alligator fritters, bread pudding, hush puppies, crawfish salad, collards....on Friday night we all attend the Bayou Classic famous Battle of the Bands (Southern vs Grambling) showdown at the SuperDome (always better then the actual game) and then the traditional Jazz Brunch on Sunday following Church

It is a Southern tradition, that a single person who is a guest for dinner, does the dishes and as a reward is sent home with a huge "to go" plate

Much like my perspective of full charter Jazz cruising, vs regular cruising, a New Orleans style Thanksgiving spread vs how we celebrate Thanksgiving growing up in the North, has now become my preference

However, Kat, if you are cooking and send me home with to go plate and if your Hubby watches football, I'll gladly add your home to my rounds
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