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I think this thread is not about soldiers stationed all over the world, but the cost to have those soldiers.

I read the thread last night, and went though several emotions, deciding not to comment, but to think about it over night.

For one thing the article is full of misinformation, which doesn't surprise me.

Long ago this country stopped producing journalists who believed only in the truth, and wouldn't have dared report untruths. Now days it's make it up as you go, and screw the truth.

I am reminded of sitting in the stands and watching the changing of the guard of the unknown soldier, at Arlington Cemetery. That unknown soldier gave it all. He or she made this country first in their lives. Excepted Low pay, and sometimes horrible working conditions, in order to protect the rights of the Journalist.

I could go on, but what's the point.

Others reading this might not understand the meaning, but I do, and I know who it was intended for.

Was it written to hurt and to try to shame, you bet. Did it work? Part of it did. Do I have any regrets for what our life path has taken? Sometimes

The truth is most Americans will never understand what it takes to keep them free.
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