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Originally Posted by Paul B View Post
I think that we can all agree that there is massive waste in anything operated by the government, and the military is no exception.
Agreed: I have worked with government bureaucrats on IT projects and I had never seen more waste, inefficiency and down right incompetence in my career. The middle management megalomaniacs were the worst to deal with. People who had no idea what they were doing but still were managing multi-million dollar projects.

The IT staff were fine but many were under trained and did not have the tools required to do their jobs.

It got to the point that in the mid nineties we stopped bidding on any government contracts. They weren't worth the time and personnel it took to try and deliver. Plus, by the time the government made a final decision the original RFP (Request For Proposal) was worthless because costs and technology had changed. Also the government had changed their requirements.

There are excellent minds and top notch people working in the government but they are often overshadowed by the incompetent who, for some reason, have been promoted or appointed to positions with a "little" power and they have no idea how to use it.

OK: I'll get off my horse now but this type of topic brings back a little PTSD.

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