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Default were not even born, back in the 70's when Saturday Night Fever fueled a dance rage, and you were just entering into pampers in the 80's when. Flashdance &Dirty Dancing were. tearing up the dance floor.I still recall being on the Norway, when the ship's professional dance couple had to switch from teaching the Tango to teaching the Hustle to the cruisers who were mostly young folks went to the secret crew parties next to the engine roomto Dirty would have fit right in

DWTS is nice, but it is so intricate, that regular couples cannot hope to emulate it on a cruise...Mr Smooth is such a great teacher for Detroit Ballroom & Step Class, you can learn the basics in his morning class and lookin the atrium at night

What we really need is another blockbuster dance movie filmed onboard the Allure with the story line of a young innocent working woman by day from New Jersey, Salsa Queen club dancer at night, goes on a cruise on the Allure and is spotted dancing in the disco by Johnny Depp, they enter the DWTS at Sea contest, win., fall in love and get married in the onboard Chapel and retires to a villa in the South of France...hmmmmm who could play that female lead
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