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Default Cheers to Saturday

Good morning. Chilly and overcast all day here. We had a few drops of rain yesterday, and I guess we'll get a couple of spatters today.

Donna, I'm glad to hear that James is slowly improving. It's difficult to to the "complete bed rest" thing. Just ask Keith; he does six hours a day on a knee flex machine while a cooler circulates ice water around the knee. When the time periods are up, he can't wait to get up!

Monday, the medical supply company will pick up the cooler, thank heaven. I won't have to go to the store every day to pick up ice. I don't have the room to keep a lot of it. Long way to go before they come for the knee flex machine, tho'.

It's now 11 days that I've had this chest and sinus crud. I'm still hacking and blowing my nose all the time. I should own stock in the Kimberly Clark Corp. (Kleenex)

We did get out for lunch yesterday, which was nice.

Thanks for asking about us.


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