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Default Deck 8 Allure overlooking lifeboats?

We are looking into a cruise on the Allure for next June specifically to keep my 15 year old nephew occupied with all the activities. The rest of us are more relaxed and typically cruise Disney. For price we usually get an ocean view room. The few times we've had balconies we have enjoyed watching the water and a direct view down. But I am noticing the rooms we have on the Allure are over the lifeboats.

Now I know everyone has their own preferences and what bothers some may not bother others, but for anyone who has sailed in these rooms that are above the lifeboats...does it bother you that you ate looking at roofs of boats instead of the water? I have my TA checking to see if rooms more right off the aft elevators open up and I know I'd be ok over the lifeboats but I worry about my family who LOVE looking at the water and looking for the I ocean life. I probably am stressing too much over this. Right after we decided too book I heard about the pod issue and hope all works well on that repair.
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