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Hi Kids.
A warm and very gray day here..makes you want to spend the day in bed with a cuppa tea and a good book...sounds good to me!

My granddaughter and her boy friend, are coming over this morning to help clear the final attic things, out of the living room, so we can celebrate Thanksgiving...over the summer I slowly tossed, donated or repurposed whatever I could, but the hard stuff remains...the rug has been shampooed in preperation of the family dinner, which will be minus our 4 kids in NC...makes me sad.

Yesterday, Bruce and a friend's son cleared the approx, 400 million pine needles that call our home, theirs...they visit constantly, and, I hate every one! All summer long we wondered if Bruce would be able to do things luike this again, but, God was good...he drove his tractor like a pro.

So, Donna, your one day at a time, sounds familiar...James will be doing the cha cha before you know it.

Make it a good one.

Trip, with her book & tea!
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