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I understand your feelings. I spent many years as a military wife (Navy). When there was a hurricane coming, my husband had to go take care of the ship/base and I was left to handle everything alone. When he deployed I spent 6+ months on pins and needles worrying if he was going to be sent back into harm's way...he was. 3 different times. When he was home, it didn't matter if the kids were sick, I was sick (with a toddler and a newborn at home) or, if even HE was sick - his command didn't care, and he had to be at work. What most civilians don't understand is that Military personnel do not work 40 hours a week, ever. There are times they give them liberal time off (usually right before deployments), but that doesn't happen often, or at least it didn't in our case. They also are not paid by the hour, so if you take the amount they are paid and divide it by their hours, they make way below the minimum wage. That's why so many of our enlisted families qualify for public assistance (food stamps, WIC). It's one of those situations that people don't understand that life until you've lived it...and it's tough.
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