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Default 2 NFL. Viewing Habit Questions???

Since Hurricane Isaac (last year August),when we lost cable service for 2 weeks, I have listen to all of our Saints games on the radio and not watch the game on tv by choice...we are Blessed with excellent announcers who challenge both my listening skills and make my brain cells work overtime to visualize in my mind what is being described...I actually enjoy my radio on first question is how often do you listen to a sporting event on the radio and not watch it on tv?

When you are at sea on your cruise, do you watch your NFL team in your cabin, ship's sports bar or the big screen on the lido deck? Or, you could care less because for at least one week, you have other cruise activities that you would prefer to do

I have not been on a regular cruise for over 8 years...on our Smooth Jazz charters we have a huge tailgate party on deck with a big name old school artist performing,everyone wears their favorite NFL Jerseys, we have a deck bbq party,,,it's a big it a big deal on a regular cruise?
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