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Good Evening all. I dropped in late tonight. I have been blue and listless all day. just to make it easier I am inserting part of what I put in my forum this morning. "I just opened my messages and read of the murder of the son of a friend of mine. My friend Fran, The first friend I made when I moved here and went to work for Sunrise. We spent that summer of 2007 together in the company van with our clients. Taking them to do their community chores. Fran is from Haiti and spoke Creole so her accent was very heavy. We were the odd couple as friends go. Getting to know one another trying to understand one another. I knew no Creole. She was learning English and we muddled along getting our messages across one way or another. My heart is broken for my friend but I know hers hurts so much more. So please say a prayer for my friend I think she needs God's comfort today".


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