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Originally Posted by CRUISEFAN0001 View Post
That's simply not true. A pre-cruise hotel stay in the Bayonne area costs far more than in Ft. Lauderdale area. Two days on Quantum at sea costs more than 3 days of hotel in Florida.

There's no doubt those folks who happen to have some convenience in being located near Bayonne will see some positive light on this....
It's more than nights in a hotel! Airfare! Between 15 and 20 million people live within 100 miles of NYC. Those people, like me, don't need a hotel they can be dropped off by friends or just leave their car in Bayonne. That's ZERO nights in a hotel & no airfare or shuttle/taxi costs. It also means that instead of eating out we are eating for free on the ship.

The general math,
1 night hotel $175 + airfare $250 + meals $100 = $525
11 nights on Quantum $2,000 = $182 per night x 2 = $364

For argument sake we'll call it a wash. Which it's not. I would rather spend my time on a cruise ship than running around catching flights, taxis, checking in and out of a hotel. I'm already relaxing with my sweater on and a drink in my hand.

Originally Posted by CRUISEFAN0001 View Post

More important...time at sea is actually nice in general...but there simply is too much time at sea for Quantum to get to and from the better destination locations.
Too much time at sea??? Is there such a thing??? I love spending time at sea!!!! No kids, no job & no worries!

Originally Posted by CRUISEFAN0001 View Post
... but the rest of the world will see it as added cost, having to pack for BOTH cold and warm weather during peak cruise seasons (Bayonne's not exactly warm in February and March), and wasted time and cost spent getting to and from the Caribbean.
As I showed it's not an added cost for the 15 - 20 million of us who live in the area. As for warm clothes, we don't have to pack for an airplane. No cost for an added bag if needed. You have the clothes you wear on the ship and maybe one change. I'll hang my jacket in the closet.

Originally Posted by CRUISEFAN0001 View Post
Putting Quantum in Bayonne was purely done because Norwegian chose to put their latest ship there for a year...and RCI wanted a ship there to compete. That's it
Duh! And Breakaway is doing very well.

And one last point. Not all cruises take place in the summer. For people coming from other parts NYC has a lot to offer guests before and after the cruise.

As somebody else said. God forbid should a nice new ship go somewhere besides Florida!!! Especially to NJ! EWWW!!!

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