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Default Is It Really 9 or 7.5 (8 or 6.5)

Overheard an interesting chat during my airport wait for my flight back to New Orleans between a Dad and his teenage first time cruising daughter on the Oasis of the Seas...for veteran old timersI think there is great value to engage in conversation with first timers who are teenagers to keep us grounded in our fervor for the cruise experience..I also believe Dad's should come to each other aid when dealing with teenage logic
Her point to her Dad was the first day of a cruise (embarkation) was really only 1/2 a day and the last day (disembarkation) really should not count..thus an advertised 8 day cruise. on the Oasis or Carnival. Freedom (Saturday to the following week Sunday) is really a 9 day - 1.5 day lost =7.5 days of actually cruising on the ship on the water...both her Dad and I recognized that in her terms, cruise days is really meeting new boys time
Cannot challenge her logic
I have always believed that a cruise really starts the night before you leave for the airport and ends when you walk into your home and put your bags down in the middle. of the living room and your neighbor brings over your mail
When does your cruise start and end
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