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Football is a big nothing to me, so I generally don't watch or listen. In college, our school never won, but we went to the games anyway. We went mostly for the purpose of sneaking in flasks, getting half looped, and laughing a lot. We had a standard cheer when the other team scored: "So you scored a touchdown, what's the fuss? In a coupla years you'll be workin' for us!"

Baseball is a game that should either been seen in person or listened to on the radio, although I do appreciate the technical enrichment that modern TV technology brings to the game. I began listening to Red Barber, then Vin Scully on the radio in New York when I was a kid. I loved to listen to Ernie Harwell when I visited Detroit (or could pick up WJR on a starry night when I was somewhere else), and Harry Caray when I was at college in Chicago. I actually got to speak with Ernie at a Smithsonian baseball seminar later in his life and to thank him for being such a gracious part of my summer soundtrack.

More recently, I've always enjoyed Jon Miller on the radio as well as the late Chuck ("ain't the beer cold?") Thompson.

Vin is still with us, has just signed a new contract. I first heard him in 1951. I still get goosebumps when I hear his voice.
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