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Originally Posted by CRUISEFAN0001 View Post
Well said.

I still contend that forcing people to go to a cold place (and dress accordingly) to depart on a warm Caribbean cruise is one of the lamest business decisions ever made.

No one is forcing anyone to go anywhere. It's a choice. You can stay in Florida and go on anyone of the dozens of ships down there and those of us up north can chose to go on the Quantum. See how easy that is.

While the NE folks are understandably happy to just hop over to Bayonne out of convenience to them...the rest of the world sees this as what it is...a competitive money-maker for the time being. once the novelty wears off...we'll see how it lasts.

It's really the selfishness you are expressing not the desire of those that live in the north. You really want it all don't you. It isn't "the rest of the world". It's you and only you who are sitting in Florida with so many choices and have got your nickers in a knot because you can't have this one too..

As for the extra time at sea - having to pay for and go on an 11-day cruise to the same destinations when you can enjoy the same thing for much less cost on an 7-day cruise out of Florida is clearly a ripoff.

There is no rip-off. Everyone decides for themselves. Who is holding a gun to your head????????

The ships going out of New Jersey/New York seem to draw a good dollar for cabins therefore they are selling well.
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