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Great points and I agree out of the mouth of young babes

In thinking thru the logic, I think because I do full music charters, I view cruises in a different light then a normal cruise (that plus I am getting old)...because about 75% of the Capital Jazz SuperCruisers are repeat cruisers, relationships have been formed, so my cruise really starts at the departing City airport gate area...where I will see 20-30 folks from last year's cruise plus we will attractall of the first time SuperCruisers (they notice our teeshirts from last year)...there is a huge pre cruise party the night before at the host hotel and then the excitement of the check in process in the cruise terminal where everybody plays how many famous Jazz musicians can you spot while you are in line...on our return trip at the airport you can spot the music cruisers, we are all dead tired but very, very, very happy and still on a contact music high
My travel partners teenage daughters really were appreciative of their parents forcing themto go on theor first cruise, but being true teenagers, they would never admit it.....they were busy texting the cute boys they met on the ship
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