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Originally Posted by CRUISEFAN0001 View Post
Charging cruisers for 2-4 extra days at sea to compensate for the poor choice of a far-North port location is indeed a ripoff when compared to alternatives.

It absolutely is not. But you are beyond reasoning with.

While no one forces anyone to choose cruises originating from Bayonne - you are correct - the statement "who's forcing anyone" is also a joke in that it is not a compelling statement justifying that business decision.

No one can explain away the consequences of risk with bad weather in Bayonne during months of peak cruise times - jeopardizing weather-related-problem-travel to and from that location - as well as forcing cruisers to pack additional winter clothing purely because of that port location.

There are just as many bad weather risks during hurricane season in the south so your argument holds no water at all.

Fact is...there are just as many cruisers who will pass on Quantum purely because of its home port location. There are also many who will chose it for the same reason. Choices are good.
My goodness, you really are greedy aren't you. You've already been told how many choices you have sitting down there in Florida.

You are so mistaken thinking cruisers there are as many cruisers who pass as not.

You are just really being nasty because this particular ship is not sailing from Florida.

You will be silly and give yourself an ulcer with your complaints. This ship is not sailing from your precious Florida. Get used to it.

Oh, either is it's sister who's main port with be Southampton.
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