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I've had an interesting experience..

I went on a Carnival cruise this summer and met someone who I think I'm in love with. We met in a hot tub, and we got to know each other pretty fast. Our cruise was a five day sail to Mexico, and I met him on the third day, but we hung out constantly the rest of the trip. He is a dream. We had crushes on each other on the boat, but we both knew it wouldn't work. I wanted it to, but he said he can't see us being more than friends )': He's super athletic, smart, funny, caring, and super warm. And the best and worst part about him, he lives in New Zealand. Worst thing about that, is I live in the U.S... So we didn't work out, but we still do speak.
I hope one day we can someday be together again, but I don't know if that will ever happen.
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