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Good morning everyone.

It's the last day of Fall around here. Tomorrow the temps are supposed to plummet into the low teens and single digits. Oh well: I 'Think" we're ready for Winter.

My Christmas present arrived. The cat was sprung from the bag last week when Betty had a problem ordering it and I was tipped by the credit card company. Because of that I got to play with it as soon as it arrived. It is a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 with 256GB of storage and a keyboard cover. I think it will be a good replacement for the travel Netbook and also for other stuff. So far it is performing quite well but I have to get used to the keyboard and, of course, re-educating myself to Windows 8.1. It is a bit of a learning curve for a guy who thinks command line programming is easy.

Today there isn't too much on the agenda so I will continue to "play" with my new toy. Betty isn't allowed to use it until I have it down because there will be the infamous "Mike! Why can't I...........?" So I'll need to know how to answer those questions.

I am glad to hear that James is slowly getting back to speed and I hope Keith is also on the same path to recovery.

I hope everyone is having a great week and I also hope that something good is planned for this weekend.

Take care,
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