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Default Cruise-Line Guest Satisfaction Questionnaires

After having completed dozens of cruises, I recently made a pact with myself to no longer complete those "guest" questionnaires. Am I wrong to have taken this stance?

First, the form is addressed to "guests". As John Maxton-Graham once said at a lecture which I attended, "I am a passenger, I paid for my fare"! Hence, as a passenger, I believe that I have no obligation to feel guilty about not handing in a completed survey. Second, I believe that paid onboard personnel, both up and down the management ladder, are the responsible party for monitoring and assessing the performance of employees in their charge. Whenever I have praise, or a complaint, concerning someone, or something, I never shy away from reporting the situation in a timely manner, and to the appropriate individual. Third, my sole purpose for boarding any ship is purely for selfish reasons, relaxation. I therefore see no need to stress myself taking time to reflect on performance issues, while concurrently trying to enjoy my remaining few hours aboard ship before packing and commencing the disembarkation process. Fourth, and lastly, I tire of staff begging, in fact plead, for me to profusely gush in elaborate terms how wonderfully they performed. It is this last point that ultimately led to my decision to no longer be part of this cut-throat business that pits one stressed-out crew member against another. I know the long hours they work, the meager wages cruise-lines pay them in order to make fares affordable and stock dividends attractive, and how some vindictive passenger can ruin the career of a crew member with the stroke of a pen.

So, before embarking on my next cruise, I welcome feedback from other passengers. Am I right, or wrong? If I can be convinced that I am wrong, I will most certainly reconsider my position. Thanks.

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