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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
If they add 50 it will be fine, but 9 x 30 = is 270. 300 is the new point level for elite which is why I said that. However we also don't know how many points per night and all the other nuances to get anywhere.

I assume they will still do reciprocal with RCCL but wonder if D+ will be Elite + etc. I expect I'll get an email from my BDM or Celebrity within a couple of days explaining the new system.
A lot has to be explained and digested. As I stated, what I posted was placed on the Celebrity web site early in the morning and then pulled later. Lots of conjecture on other boards and questions that at this point cannot be answered.

It appears they will still being giving bonus's for suite, concierge and Aqua but who knows how they will handle longer cruises. Another point brought up which is interesting is that apparently Royal just started doing double points if you book as a single, the theory being you are paying twice the amount. Don't know if Celebrity will follow this.
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