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Originally Posted by momofmeg View Post
I am select with Celebrity now and will be elite after my next Celebrity cruise as we need 2 points and we have booked concierge. We will not take the RCI cruise until after that which means we should have diamond status because of being elite on Celebrity. I only meant it would be a long time before we would actually have diamond status on RCI. (if we were not elite on Celebrity)

I guess I did not explain it well. I will try again. I still do not know what perks I will get with diamond. I am trying to find out what perks you get as diamond since I will automatically be diamond because of being elite on Celebrity.

This Celebrity cruise is Thanksgiving a year from now and the RCI Hawaii repositioning cruise we are considering is not until May 2015. That is why I want to know what diamond means as far as perks.
I think the one of the better perks of Diamond on Royal is the veranda upgrade. I'm hoping Celebrity does that on their new levels.

If you are close to Elite on Celebrity you will probably be given 30 points for being close. My son was give it and he will be Elite on his next cruise.

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