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Originally Posted by bonnyprincecharlie View Post
On the Dawn during the second day of the cruise, I was seated at a table with four women.
During the dinner conversation. I mentioned that one of the meals I enjoyed was liver and onions. One women said that she didn't like the feel of liver and she had to use rubber gloves to handle it. Another said that her daughter who had moved out of town had mentioned to her that one of the things she missed was liver that her mother prepared. Subsequently, she said for the dinner prior to Thanksgiving she made liver along with the turkey. Subsequently she made liver for her daughter when she came home. She said that the liver and onions dinner has grown into an annual event at Thanksgiving and even the neighbors participate. Of course they have the traditional turnkey. Now the conversation flowed to the delights of the the turkey neck, gizzard and liver and other vitals from the turkey. This led me to reflect that about two weeks before the cruise, I got lucky throug the kindness of an inlaw to beat out a favored family pet dog who was going to be favored with these turkey innard delicacies. But this is another story for another time.

I asked the attendent in the Garden Cafe if there would be liver on the menu. She replied that there would be liver after consulting with other members of the crew and that I should just watch the menu.
Well I did watch the menu and nothing appeared. Actually, liver and onions dinner was not a high priority with me, itt had just been mentioned at dinner and now it was on my mind.

The subject came up at the Food, Beverage and Hotel Fair on Day 8 of the cruise.
I was talking with the man who managed the food larder on the Dawn. He was surrounded by large portions of plastic wrapped meat, a shoulder of pork, carrots 10 inches long and 2 inches thick.
I asked the man if they had liver. He said he wasn't sure because the crew had had liver the previous week and there might not have been any liver left. He suggested I check with the restaurant officer

Needless to say I thought if the crew gets liver but then maybe I might be lucky enough to get it if it was available.

I was dinning in the Moderno and was approached by Emelinda the assistant naitre D. She said that she had heard I was interested in having liver and onions. I told her I was interested in an onion and liver dinner and she said that she had made arrangements for me to have the liver and onions dinner in the Venetian the next day. I had the dinner and it was excellent.

All of the crew who were envolved were complimented and compensated.
How do we respond? There are so many who turn their noses up to liver, but if cooked properly, it can be excellent. At home I brown it slightly, add tons of sliced onions, some green pepper, stewed tomatoes, a boullion cube or 2, a little water if needed. Cook on low for a while.
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