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Originally Posted by shampy View Post
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Great post! i really enjoyed your post........i think it provide us a very useful and helpful information about weight gain......after my pregnancy i got a lots of weight and i am fed up with it ...........i always avoid the fry as well as the junk food but i have no benefit from it .......pls advice me how should i loose your your next post...........thanks.........
My greatest trick is water before a meal. I don't know why it works, but it does. I eat what I want, but cook differently. I cut fat off the meat or poultry before I cook (or I'll eat it). Skin the chicken, that's where the fat is. If you insist on frying, go lightly and use olive oil (still calories but the healthy kind). Fried chicken a no no, I cook it in stewed tomatoes. If the junk food is left at the grocery store, that helps because my hands can't grab it. I've been known to eat a bag of cookies if I have it in my home. Eat meals till the hunger feeling disappears, do not eat to fill. Eat often and only small quantities so your body digests it, and there's no extra to store as fat. Just a few hints. Don't go on a special weight loss diet or you'll soon give up on it. Just alter your normal eating habits.
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