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Paul...retired Air Force..I knew that's why I like your postings

What you describe is an excellent example of your Congressional rep bringing his home district the "pork"

Hurricane Katrina wiped out most of the VA hospital in New Orleans...the political infighting that is going on to rebuild the VA Center here is unacceptable and a disgrace

After visiting my Son at the Pentagon I came to understand how massive the challenge really is...the 2 Iraq Wars combined with the Afghanistan extended conflict has drained our Country...we cannot continue to be the World's police force

However, we have many bright young military minds, with no political ax to grind, working on how do we respond to conflicts in the post 911 era...we are producing future leaders at our. 4 military academies who are really sharp..they are working across Service Lines to find ways to save $$$$$ thru synergy (F-35 program etc)...we learned from Korea, Vietnam, but the post 911 World is a whole other animal...when I hear politicians today saying we should send boots on the ground or air support, I wonder if they have kids in the Service
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