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Divina will be staying in Miami for two years in which time if they have not improved their market share they never will.

We have done two transatlantics with them now and certainly preferred the 92,000 ton Poesia (Barcelona to FLL) to the 140,000 Divina (Venice to Miami) Divina appears to have less general open space than Poesia despite it being a bigger ship, at least half of the crew are from Poesia and have worked the Caribbean previously.

One of the problems is that MSC had an idea to move a big ship to the USA but left all the planning and changes to the last minute and in the process alienated a lot of those coming over to Miami and not just the passengers.

Will Divina be a success? only time will tell but going by our cruises on Princess and Royal it is certainly going to be difficult for them, after all the Gloss only lasts for so long before the cracks begin to appear.

To charge Europeans for room service while those from North America pay nothing is certainly going to cause a fair few arguements along the way.

One loyal MSC passenger told me on Divina (her 2nd trip on it) Divina is all show and no substance! and i must say we prefer the Interior of Poesia and Opera to Divina.
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