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I'll have to look into the ports a little better as I'm sure there's plenty to do , the beach may be the way to go. It's Montego Bay Jamaica, I've only been to Ochos Rios were I did the falls and then a beach but the beach wasn't the nicest and water murky....maybe it was just that beach and the rain we had that morning.

It's kind of funny I've looked at all the lines but that dang Allure just won't leave my mind so it looks as my decision has been made. Now to just chooses eastern or western and I'm leaning toward western, I'll have to see what my travel buddies want to do.

Another thing is I have always said no balcony no cruise and since my friend can't smoke on the balcony maybe we should just do an interior cabin. Another reason not to have the balcony is I want to see and do everything so how much use will it get other than morning coffee and late night star gazing.

Oh the decisions I must much to think about1
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