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I went to the buffet to check out breakfast all three mornings last week. I'd get a small sample of some things. The scrambled eggs and pre-made omelets were always cold - room temperature at best. The buffet tray full of fried eggs was unappetizing - north Americans prefer that style of egg made to order. Bacon was overcooked and hard. It was very disappointing. The dining room breakfast I ended up getting was fine with good service.

The Black Crab location is poor. It is hard to get to if you are on deck 7. But, it is a design gaffe that they are stuck with now.

As Paul noted elsewhere, our table had horrible service on the first night. Our waiter was Filipino and spoke perfect English. It was also a bad table location, stuck in a little nook in the wall that was initially set for 6 places. It was barely big enough for four. It was like a picnic table with curved benches for seats. We even had to get the guy pouring the wine (not our waiter or his assistant) to bring us salt and pepper shakers. That happened again on the final night. How do you forget to put salt and pepper shakers on the tables when you are setting them? That is a fundamental for a dining room staff. It also shows that the headwaiters were not inspecting tables after they were set for dinner service.

However, on the 2nd and last nights the service was good and they brought the food out very quickly - almost too quickly as compared to the glacial service the first night. First night was almost 3 hours. The last two nights was a abour an hour and 15 minutes from start to finish.
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