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Originally Posted by Donna View Post
I know exactly what you mean....these ships are so huge, they are limited as to where they can go...Besides the choice of Eastern or Western, Oasis leaves on Sat, while Allure on Sunday....I also wish they would get to Labadee, after all they build a pier there....I had the same problem when going on Allure, but as of today, she's still my favorite cruise/ship.
They both do go to Labadee, which is why they built the pier.

Unfortunately, these ships are just too big and have so many people onboard that they have to dock - it's just not possible to do it any other way.

It'll be interesting to see when (you'll notice I didn't say 'if') they decide to build the pier in Grand Cayman whether they'll be designing it with these ships in mind.

I know that RCCL is considering other places to build piers so they can include other ports figuring if they don't, people are going to get bored with the same limited ports where they go now. So this, too, will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

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