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Paul .. You may have also noticed the two badly sited beverage stations? one on each side of the buffet where there was a door leading into the kitchen area, people has to literally squeeze past each other to make their drinks.

Dave .. I agree with you totaly regarding breakfast in the buffet how can you ruin a boiled Egg ? by the second week of our 18 night cruise we had changed to healthy smoothies, cereal and English muffins something that they later ran out of along with bananas for three days then magically re appeared for the last 2 but only if you asked specially for them. I asked the assistant head chef why they had non and he had no idea.

The Villa Rossa is also a pain to get to from anywhere forward of the photo shop, if you are on deck 5 or 6 you have to go up to 7 and go across and then down to 6.

There are a few other designs flaws that we came across during our 18 nights which i have mentioned in my review that i hope to post soon.
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