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RB .. There are Positive things in the review but you have to remember that many things have been changed to suit the Caribbean sailings and aimed at just one type of client, whereas the repo cruise had Turkish, Swiss, French, Italian, in large numbers totaled up with British, Australians and others. As for negative things you did not have to look for them because some jumped on or at you, but rather than see them as negative see them more as informative.

For instance we had 18 days with just one crew member with one toast machine behind a glass screen cooking Bagles, Bread and English Muffins for hundreds if not thousands of people, on the day we were getting off the ship that toast machine and others suddenly appeared around the buffet!

It also deals with issues that people we believe need to be aware of with regard to the ship. The ones that a 3 day review probably will not have time to mention, no slight intended to you guys who were on it for those days.

With regard to Steaks they did change about half way through the cruise and for the better which was great although we are still baffled as to how you can cook one half well done and the other half be pink inside. The new Burgers that they began to produce were much bigger in size and looked great but were just meat and no taste.

No idea if a Dining room was open on Embarkation day in Venice as we went to the buffet quite early in the day ie around 12-30pm, we had been there for about twenty minutes when there was a total power loss for around five minutes. No idea as to why it happened.
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