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I almost forgot about the solo toaster! That was the case on the 3-day cruise too, at least on one morning. I don't recall seeing other toast stations set up. The lone machine on the starboard side with one crewman making toasted breads at the astonishing rate of two pieces every minute.

Those burger were large - they looked to be almost 1/3 pound. I think the key was when you got one. I had one that had just been placed in the serving tray and it was juicy (well, greasy) and pretty good. Others I talked to said they got burgers that had sat for a while and the grease had soaked through the bun and wrapper and were a mess. For those wondering - Divina assembles burgers, hot dogs, fries, behind the serving line and places them in trays all wrapped up or in boxes, like a fast food restaurant. I think they should not do that, but put out everything separately so people can assemble their own. As it was, you are limited to what you can get. "Hamburger with gherkins and ketchup" "Cheeseburger with gherkins and ketchup" and some sort of deluxe burger. It was 'have it our way'. No onions, lettuce, tomato, not even as an add-on in the burger serving line unless you ventured to a salad bar.
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