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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
I've been looking at the new system. Now, this is my opinion based on what I see being posted more than anything.

If you have been sailing as Elite (crossover) and were with one actual cruise of being Elite on your own, you were given a bonus to be sure you actually reach Elite on your next cruise.

If you were one short of Elite because you only have only sailed with Celebrity and have never actually had Elite benefits, you were not given any bonus points.

There have been no bonus points awarded to those who were almost select as they weren't receiving any benefits prior to the conversion.

As the crossover is only to the Elite/D levels, the Elite + must earn their points on their own by sailing Celebrity. Therefore, a lot of people who thought they were going to receive E+ benefits based on being D+ are not. And some are complaining bitterly about it.

I have no problem with the new program. I do not sail for points. I will accept any perks that are offered but are not offended if I haven't earned them.

And then there are those who think they should have it all
Felix, I agree, I look for value and itinerary over line. Depending on what the cruise is for, as to which I look for. We have done the Caribbean so much, we have been too almost all of the ports, so then it is value. Normally those cruises we do with our teacher daughter, who can only go certain times, when the cruises cost more, since many people pick those for the same reason we do, school is not in session.

When hubby and I go somewhere different, to see new things and not just to take a cruise with our daughter, we go by itinerary. Our last cruise we chose Princess, because it was a California coastal sailing form SF and I have always wanted to see the wine country and redwoods near SF. I also was excited about the ports we did in CA and it was one of the best trips we have done in 31 years of marriage. I enjoyed it even more than our Med cruise a couple years back.

It just irks me because I would have had this after this next cruise. One more reason to put value and itinerary ahead of line, as far as I am concerned.

I considered canceling this cruise since I was so miffed about this-but I would be "cutting off my nose to spite my face". (an old southern US saying) We like that the Connie's (Celebrity M class) concierge rooms are larger, and so better for 3 people. We are paying about the same price per day as we paid for a dinky balcony room we had on NCL Sky a few summers back. I sure as heck would rather be on the Connie than the Sky.

We like the idea of a nice large, comfortable room, but do not give a flip about flowers, fruit and afternoon snacks though, lol!

There are several other cruises we would like to do besides a Hawaii re-positioning. We really want to go to Quebec and Charlottetown. Princess has one that is really pricey, but so does HAL and so we may just do HAL . Since it is an old ship, we would not mind the inside rooms or ocean view, since they are roomy. On HAL, balconies do not appeal to us, with all the smokers, so we may as well go on an older ship.

Of course we can't do them all the same year. We will take our time and decide which we want to do next. I doubt we will book anything for 2015 before summer.
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