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Originally Posted by Sistersolo View Post
Momofmeg, I would have loved to do another cruise in between, but for a couple of things: first, I have two grandchildren having birthdays during those 6 days at home; and second, after me being gone for over 2 weeks, my DH probably wouldn't have any clean clothes left to take on the Carib cruise! He grew up as an only child in a southern household where "men's work" and "women's work" were very clearly defined, and he is emotionally unable to do the second. I unfortunately did not correct that situation when we were first married, and it does not seem like a battle worth fighting at this point.
I hate flying. I do all the washing too, but my hubby has done laundry a few times. I was bedridden when I was PG with my daughter. He did it then. Since she grew up, if I am gone she will do it for him. However, I only worked part time after my daughter started school so I have always done the laundry since he was the main bread winner and away from home more. I also helped him with yard work since I had more free time.

Now because of health issues I no longer work and I also no longer help with the yard work, I do still keep up with the laundry though. He is good to help me with other house work as he knows I need help now more than he needs help.

I have no grand babies. My daughter is single and seems happy that way. I love the little ones so I can see the grand babies as better excuse than they hubby-lol! BTW I am a southern gal and most do not think that way down here now. That was my mom's generation. Most southern women my generation work and have careers and so share house work and yard work with hubbies, what ever they do not hire out, that is.
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