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Default I use to market and "convince" you all to go on these time-share tours for prizes!

It is actually a phenomenal deal... If and only if, you know what to expect. The $20 up front charge for booking your tour is not bull crap. I have asked for $100 before to make sure the tour-ee is serious. It is very time consuming and costly to pay a salesman to pitch you the time-share. So when you don't show up, they loose money. The $20-$100 deposit is 100% refundable by Wyndham, make sure the informational receipt had that Deposit on it, because when you show up to the tour, they refund you and take that $ out of the marketing assistants paycheck. If you're not willing to pay $20 refundable, you're probably not going to the tour. Which wastes the company and the marketing assistance time. I had a 50% show rate, and get a cut from every tour, even if the tour-ee didn't buy. There are qualifications for world mark timeshares, if you meet them, go on the tour, deal with the BS, and get you cruise.. The cruise is 100% free, but food is not! Also, you must buy a plane ticket to the port... I actually ran into people while scheduling these tours at Seattle Mariners games who thought their Bahama cruise would be all inclusive and port from Seattle. Lol. It is only a ticket on the boat!! The marketing behind it all is 1/10 tour-ees become members. Which is $2000-per tour average. Free cruise works out because the cruise lines are at 60% occupancy usually. Carnival scratches world marks back, they scratch theirs. World mark pays $50/ cruise. So basically after the salesmanship wage of commission only, the marketer and the cruise, each tour costs world mark $300 max. That's $1700 in their pocket and the % will increase the more the free cruise-ees tell their friends. They're getting rich based on their salesmen's skills, and you get a free cruise. They're playing the odds. I'm not proof reading this, I'm driving in my car and typing on my iPhone. Cheers
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