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Default The Tablecloths Are Going Away On Carnival

It looks like with the introduction of the new "American" menus, Carnival has gone one step farther and removed the tablecloths from the dining room tables.

I've seen a couple of pictures and it reminds me of a standard TGI McThirsty's table setting.

I don't know why but this really bothers me. I haven't experienced it first hand but the "idea" bothers me a great deal.

I can only see it as a purely cost cutting move. There will be time saved in not having to pull table cloths and recover the tables between services. Less waitstaff would be required. They will no longer have to launder the hundreds of table cloths per day. This saves money on water usage, laundry facilities and fewer laundry staff. This may be great for the company but I don't see it as great for the cruise experience.

I have often made the kidding remark that the cruise dining experience would turn into a night out at Cracker Barrel. BTW: I like Cracker Barrel, but not on a cruise ship. It looks like my kidding is becoming the reality.

What do you think?

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