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I believe Celebrity did what they had to for the safety of the passenger. The husband should have been with her or taken her with him. He was 150% in the wrong.

I have worked in a nursing home. I am well aware of the issues of someone with dementia. There really was nothing to discuss. By his own admission, he had left her onboard at each port. If he didn't know what he was doing, the son should have before they left home.

The cruiseline saw to her being taken to a hospital and that's where their responsibility should end. Yes, they tried to follow up but the husband refused them. Once again, husband's fault.

Someone with early dementia can still do a lot and cruising is among those things, however it is up to the family to see that all safe-guards are in place - not the cruiseline.

What would have happened had she just left the ship of her own accord? Then who would have been responsible.

The problem these days, too many feel that cruiselines, airlines, resorts, hotels etc. should take on responsibility that has nothing to do with their business.

There was no reason to refund total cruise fare. I think they were generous to refund the balance.

What will be the result of this? Are elderly cruisers going to have to prove they are of sound mind????

This man was very selfish. He did nothing for his wife.. If it was important to take her on a cruise, why did he leave her alone on the ship while he took off himself.
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