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I hope they at least sand the plywood tops nice and smooth--especially around the edges--hate like heck to come out from " dinner " and have to go to the infirmary to get splinters removed! By the way, does anyone know when or if we have to start taking our own " plastic silverware?"

Seriously, of course neither I, nor the most, if any of you, really know what's on their mind
and their thinking, but it does indicate a cost cutting thing and I would hate to see dinner become similar to a boarding house dining room. But, I don't worry about it too much. I have a cruise coming up on the Dream ( 3rd time on Dream--if it were not for my 82 year old sister I wouldn't be going on it again anyway--
it's just handy for her ) so after this cruise with Carnival, I will probably hang them up--after all, 26-28 cruises with them is enough.
Now that my wife is retired, we can do more and take longer cruises and land vacations so basically, if Carnival wants to sink themselves, it's their ships.
But as far as the tables go, once we were on a 10 day cruise on an entirely different line that was supposedly " upscale " --we had a table for 2 and I raised the pretty white linen table cloth and the table was rough looking, to say the least--I showed the server, jokingly and we had a couple good laughs--never hurt the food or service--we were later invited to dine at the Captains table so it worked out for us but I don't think the condition of the table had anything to do with that.
Anyway, to all who sail, whether you dine in style or eat bologna sandwiches, Happy Sails to you !
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