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Originally Posted by thecruisequeen View Post
19 cruises on Royal 2 on Carnival and 1 on Celebrity I have not had a bad meal yet. And I'm sure when/if I sail on Disney, NCL or Princess there will not be any complaints when it comes to food. Not even thinking about Hal for now....I'll wait another 20 years then decide if I want to cruise Hal.

It's no secret that Carnival has downsized staff in the dining room and not having tablecloths may be best for the dining room staff. After all dining room staff work long hard hours...
If you haven't had a bad meal on a cruise yet, you've been very lucky, or order better than I do maybe not often but I have.

We'll have to see how the actual implementation of these changes works for Carnival ( the family menus, no table clothes, etc.). I suspect the majority of passengers will take them in stride, and much will go unnoticed.

However, for the time being, I do see them as a negative perception problem for the cruise line with experienced cruisers. With their PR problems the last year or so, it's not something I would like if I were running the cruise line.
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