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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
If they lived in what they thought was their perfect world, I'd have agreed you. However since Concordia, Spelndor, Triumph incidents, that target has been hit hard.

Repeat cruisers are now their lifeblood.
Concordia was a Costa ship and Splendor should have been - although I do kind of like Splendor as the adopted step-child.

Repeat guests are valuable in a recession when new cruisers may hesitate, despite lower prices.

With the economy growing and unemployment significantly lower, I think we have progressed, and instead of reacting after the fact, Carnival is looking toward the future. Once again, finally.

I reject the notion that any change is cost cutting. Surely new tables cost money and there are training costs. I doubt Carnival's costs have decreased in the face of the price of just about everything increasing. Worst case it is cost management.

I suggest that some of the aging population have become root bound and incapable of accepting change without kicking and screaming. Perhaps it is time to empty the nest and fill it up again.

Carnival, the corporation, has a number of other cruise lines for the mature cruiser to choose from. .
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