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Like it or not, for Carnival, due to those incidents, and the public reactions ( right or not)they've been forced to "fight the fight" with low ball pricing.

The entire industry took a hit in demand, but none as hard as Carnival.

Hopefully for them as well as the rest of the industry time without incidents will pass, and the public's memory will fade, etc...

In the meantime, in present circumstances, I remain uncertain that these changes, aren't going to cause further negative perceptions from the cruising faithful.

Remember everything was great for carnival when they started being the frat party ships, then they tried long and hard to change that perception.

They may very we'll pull it off, but in the mean time they're setting themselves up for the perception that they are cheapening the product.

For years NCL battled the label of being the budget line... Before building Freestyle ships. Carnival may be in danger of receiving that label, justified or not.
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