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Originally Posted by cruise planner View Post
Well, he's only 4 (will be 5 in January), so he had a great time! He especially liked the fact he could have ice cream whenever he wanted!! But when you ask him, he'll tell you he loved everything about the cruise.

We did find it interesting that they did not have the usual customer survey in our cabin the last day of the cruise for guests to fill out.

But I did have a very long conversation with the ass't Matre'd who was reporting feedback on the new dining 'concept' to a couple of the VP's that were on the cruise. But all of the past guests we talked to did not have anything good to say about the food.

For example, one night they served prime rib for dinner and on another night they served a ribeye steak; both were only about 1/4" thick, well done, and dry. Did not resemble any prime rib or ribeye steak I've ever had on any cruise or in any restaurant. It tasted like they had been frozen for about 6 months and had absolutely no flavor whatsoever.

I'm thinking you have not been on a Carnival cruise in years. Years ago they stopped with the paper surveys and switched to email surveys of a random sample.

How did you order your steak? Did you send it back?

Sorry you did not have a good experience, but never in over 40 Carnival cruises for me, and over 50 for GF have we had anything resembling your experience except for one time in Europe, and GF kept sending her Chateaubriand back until the maitre d' finally stepped in and cooked one as she ordered. This was back when Carnival still had a Grand Gala Buffet.

I am looking forward to trying the new menus.
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