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Originally Posted by zydecocruiser View Post
I'm thinking you have not been on a Carnival cruise in years. Years ago they stopped with the paper surveys and switched to email surveys of a random sample.

How did you order your steak? Did you send it back?

Sorry you did not have a good experience, but never in over 40 Carnival cruises for me, and over 50 for GF have we had anything resembling your experience except for one time in Europe, and GF kept sending her Chateaubriand back until the maitre d' finally stepped in and cooked one as she ordered. This was back when Carnival still had a Grand Gala Buffet.

I am looking forward to trying the new menus.
Zyd...I'd say you have been very lucky. I've not sailed Carnival as often as you, but have a fair bit. Generally I've found their food quite good, but I've also experienced some "stinker" meals.

Pete may not have sailed Carnival for awhile, but he is certainly an experienced enough cruiser to offer his opinions based on his experiences.

It is certainly not beyond the realm to believe that with the new system and menus just put in place, and only on this ship, that they simply screwed it up!

You say you look forward to trying the new menus, and when you do you'll hopefully report your experiences.

But, to attempt to negate Pete's view until you do, is perhaps a bit presumptuous.

You are both experienced cruisers. It's very possible you each have different standards as to what makes you happy.

I've never sailed the Glory, so no personal experiences at all, even before this latest menu switch. But, after 35 years in the bar and restaurant business, I have seen lots of stumbling on land and at sea when new menus and systems are introduced. In fact it's rare when it doesn't.
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