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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
Aero girl and Pete were also on different ships; one the Liberty ( still the old menus), Pete on the Glory.
My bad and continued apologies. She should have waited till next month! I believe that is when Liberty transitions.

Anyway, the new menus are only on one ship (for now), so the mega-majority of Carnival ships still have the standard menus and I can certainly speak to that. Roll out to the rest of the fleet is not supposed to be completed until sometime 2015. Meanwhile, at least one menu on Carnival Glory has already been tweaked (per John Heald). I expect it is not the last change. But enough of the new menus (for now - until I have an opportunity to try them). Keep in mind that they are currently only on one ship and are evolving.

I reiterate that Pete is entitled to his opinion, however, I do believe that the OP was asking about Carnival, the Cruise Line, in general. But getting back to the OP's question about how is Carnival Cruise Line - and I did specifically ask, in this thread, prior to any of this:
December 13th, 2013 04:13 AM zydecocruiser I love Carnival, but it really depends on what you are looking for. Have you cruised before?

Within the past year on 4 different Carnival ships (6 cruises) I have enjoyed the prime rib numerous times and on a couple of them, a ribeye, also. All in the MDR. The steakhouse (if available) serves prime beef (don't believe that is common on Royal or NCL) and IMO, is excellent. My GF agrees and she was raised on a beef cattle ranch.

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