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Originally Posted by cruise planner View Post
Your pictures look like prime rib I've had on most cruises. Here's a picture of the prime rib I got on the Glory. As you can see, it does not even resemble prime rib, did not taste like prime rib, was about 1/4" thick, was tough, and served lukewarm! And yes, I did send it back and got the same thing in return. Not only was the food extremely disappointing, but our waiter and assistant waiter were terrible. As I said, out of 47 cruises on 11 cruise lines, this ranks #47 on our list - it was that bad.
I concur, based on your picture, but maintain it is not typical, even for Carnival.

added - that does look like one sorry piece of meat.

added added - it does look like they may have trimmed almost all the fat (flavor) away? Could that be part of the issue?
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