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Nancy had the short ribs one night and said they didn't have alot of flavor either, especially the sauce.

We've just never encountered anything like this before on Carnival, which is why we were so disappointed. But we sent stuff back on a regular basis as often it was lukewarm. Nancy got steamed broccoli one night and it was actually cold!

It is funny how different people have different experiences and different opinions about the same food. One example; the very first day at lunch in the buffet, Nancy saw a lady taking about 2 dozen cookies on a plate. The lady told Nancy this would be the only time these peanut butter cookies would be offered during the cruise and they were outstanding. Knowing how much I love peanut butter anything, Nancy came over and told me about them, so naturally I had to give them a try. I took a bite expecting a wonderful peanut butter taste and much to my surprise all it was was a sugar cookie that had absolutely no peanut butter flavor at all. Nancy and Kate both took a taste and said the same thing. And yet this lady said they were outstanding? Is she kidding me??

Another time at breakfast in the main dining room, all three of us ordered the same thing that included 2 eggs. We all ordered them over easy. Both of theirs came out cooked correctly whereas mine came out cooked over hard. In this case, two people would say the food was good and cooked properly, whereas the third person would say the food was not good and not cooked properly. I would say while the food lacked flavor, the quality was lacking because the preparation was not consistent.

Then again, I never judge food on a cruise ship by the breakfast because there's only been a few occasions where they know how to prepare a good breakfast.

In this case, I will make an exception and say the quality was definitely lacking. For example; in the breakfast buffet, all of the toast, English muffins, and bagels were already toasted and stacked waiting for the guest. Problem is, it was always cold! When asked, they wouldn't even toast something for me so I could get it hot.

I know I'm sounding all negative, but quite frankly, there was only a few items in the main dining room or in the buffet during the entire cruise that we felt was acceptable or good and nothing that was very good or great.

I honestly don't think it's this new dining concept we were the guinea pigs for as this was the first cruise where it was introduced because that would have only affected things in the main dining room. It's possible it had some affect, but when the overall quality is lacking, I can't see that as the cause.

Based on our past Carnival cruises, I would have to say the problems were just on this ship, but then again, we haven't been on a Carnival cruise in two years, so perhaps this new dining concept is just a way to cut costs by cutting quality and we may be seeing this as the new wave. I sincerely hope not.

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