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MSC is the worst company ever!

The incident happened in Civittavechia when we were late for the ship by a fault of a third party.

18:30 was all on board time, and 19:00 supposed to be the departure time. We planed to leave Rome and be in Civittavechia one hour before the all on board time, but we missed that train as it left 10 minutes before the time it was written in Roma Termini train station. We took a next one wich supposed to be in Civittavechia at 18:18. This train stopped in middle of nowhere, between two stations, and we stayed there one hour without electricity, with doors blocked. Couldnt go anywhere and helpless. As soon as train stopped, we called emergency numbers on MSC cruise cards (both numbers we called). At first nobody answered the phone. When we reached them, they told they are going to wait 5 minutes. We had 3 years old baby with us, it was 9 of us. We were in touch all the time with ship, we told them the whole situation and baby pissed it pants. We ordered taxi who picked us up at next station, and when we called for 15th time already (19:20) to let them know that we are driving in taxi, and that we are 10 minutes away they said they are not going to wait, and in few minutes they sailed out.
We drove back to rome, to take rent a car at Airport, but didn't get the car. Than we went to another train station, where we had a train to Genova. We got to Genova at 6 a.m. with no sleep, driving at old trains with illegal immigrants and drug addicts. 3 years old baby will probably have traumas for life! When the ship sailed in Genova, they didn't let us in for next 45 minutes. Furthermore, the staff of the ship dropped out the passports in Civittavechia, of Israelis and Russian people who were with us. These people were not informed that their passports stayed in Civittavechia, so when they reached Genova they couldn't go back home.
Upon our arrival in Genova, we came to reception, and requested to speak to manager. A young lady from Italy (we don't remember the name) spoke to us very unpolitely, and she said she doesn't care, she said we need to pay our bills and leave the ship because other guests will be coming on board.

It seems to me we had problems with silly company who doesn't care about their customers, and not with world renowned company as MSC. Completely unprofessional, rude and careless way of treating human beings. First of all, all 9 passengers had 4 cabins with balcony wich costs around 2000 each. Furthermore, we spent big amount on board (around 6000) in their services wich were low quality and extremely expencive! We spent around 500 on different transports after we were informed about ship leaving us. We spent big amounts on our phones, speaking in roaming, trying to get 10 minutes extra from their unprofessional staff. We were told that ship was waiting us until 19:20, but the ship was late in departure in every single port (15 to 20 minutes) so there was no waiting! In Tenerife, ship decided to leave one hour before schedule, and brought that decision when already few hundred people left the ship. So if they could change schedule for one hour, they could have give us 10 more minutes.

Day before Civittavechia, a drunk man was trowing glasses around the restaurants, walking around our table pushing chairs around and there was 10 security people walking after him, doing nothing to protect us, and asked us to leave our dinner tables and restaurant. Even MSC security staff is terrible!

We will never go to any other events organised by MSC and we suggest other customers wishing to go to cruise trips, not to chose this terrible and unprofessional company! They will rip you off and leave you like dogs! All they care about is money! You will regret it if you make mistake and chose them like we did!
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