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Originally Posted by gladiatrix View Post
Biden learned that his smiling, slap on the back style of politicing didn't fly well in China and that he had to kowtow or act in an excessively subservient manner when he met with the Chinese.

This is an assertion without factual substantiation. It always serves one's argument to state facts, and substantiate them with reliable sources.

As regards the Vice President of the United States' visit to an adversary whose armed forces have retreated before the United States Armed Forces, and whose nation possesses the most powerful armed forces the World has ever seen, it is illogical to assert that the Vice President proceeds from any position other than strength.

The Chinese operate a green-water navy (People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN)), consisting of 1 old Russian aircraft carrier, 26 destroyers, 45 frigates, and an odd assortment of non-relevant coastal defense ships.

The United States Navy operates the World's second largest air force, and a combat fleet larger by tonnage than the next 13 largest navies combined. The United States Navy operates 10 large, 100,000 ton+ aircraft carriers, 283 combat vessels in total, and is manned by over 500,000 officers and sailors.

I'm going to let you digest a combat capacity differential of that magnitude for a moment........

As regards PLAN's one aircraft carrier, it is one thing to possess an aircraft carrier -- it is quite another thing to know how to operate it. PLAN has been operating its aircraft carrier since 25 September 2012 -- the United States Navy has been operating aircraft carriers since 20 March 1922.

A blue-water engagement between PLAN and the United States Navy would result in a victory even more decisive than Nelson's victory at Trafalgar.

When you carry something like that in your back pocket, the Vice President of the United States kowtows to no one.

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