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Unhappy How to dress when your fat with arm scars! :(


I'm going on my first cruise in January 2014..... Really nervous. It wasn't my choice, it was booked as a surprise, which is fantastic but I've always dreaded summer anyway because of how I look.

I'm in my early twenties but due to some rough times in my life I've fluctuated in weight from a size 8 (UK size) to a size 16/18. Currently I'm about a size 16. Anyway my arms are covered in scars from my teenage years and when I tan they show up like tiger stripes!!

What's the best type of clothing it wear in such hot climes?! I'm going to the Caribbean and it's gonna be scorching. I never know how to cover my arms without boiling to death, and I can't do bear legs (scars, cellulite and they rub together - I'm a mess lol!) what fabrics are cool floaty yet covering and comfortable?

Thanks for ANY help
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