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Originally Posted by dkjretired View Post

If I might make a suggestion give Celebrity a call and ask why you didn't get the bonus points. They were giving 30 points to those who were near Elite Status, my son is Select and got them. Can't hurt calling the Captains Club.
I have 260 WITH the 30 bonus points. Since the Connie is a 5 day I get 25 points. The rep said switch to a 7 day day-I would still be 5 points shy-besides the fact that the Silhouette itinerary I would like to do is not scheduled for Thanksgiving week next year (Basseterre port)-if I am doing repeat ports I may as well stick with the Connie, since she is half the cost and only 2 days less plus solstice class ship concierge balcony rooms are no bigger-so not any roomier for 3 people.

The Connie concierge balcony is costing us $650 each for hubby and I. Our daughter is $400. that is why I would be cutting off my nose to spite my face by canceling. It is okay.

I did see that the Connie is doing a great itinerary after our cruise. St. Croix is one of the ports. We may end up booking that later on, but changing to a cheaper stateroom as that cruise is pricey. We would find our daughter a cheap flight home as she would have to go back to work Monday. It would just be hubby and I for the 9 day cruise.
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