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Default Looking for friends to cruise with

Newish to being a widow and new to the idea of cruising alone. Well new to the idea of cruising at all, I am looking for some advice as to where to cruise and which ships to take and companions of either sex to do it with.

So here goes.....

I am English living in the UK, aged 70 with a dodgy back and a brain that thinks I am sixteen....(sad I know)! I have always done a lot of travelling starting early in life as an air stewardess and later being married to an American scientist but I am not ready for the chair, slippers, and staying put, just quite yet.

I am straight, with a sense of humour. I don't smoke and don't drink much either
(I reserve the right to make exceptions). I quite like living on my own but miss the companionship of sharing things.
I like the idea of cruising especially with air conditioning in warm don't like the idea of wandering around on my own on a big ship watching everyone else having a good time.....I am way to selfish and insecure for that!

Love to laugh, swim,listen to music, eat good food and enjoy interesting conversations or debates but am far to lazy to want to learn Chinese or apply my brain to anything to taxing!

I am told a smaller cruise would suit me preferably without to many children around....I have grandchildren whom I love dearly but there is a time and place for everything!

(I probably should edit this without quite so many I's but I am trying to be honest
so I will continue with the imperfections....)

Sadly I am not rich, as money is such a handy commodity, but I have sufficient for my long as I am not to greedy.

Please contact me if you think you have any advice or are looking for an imperfect companion to cruise with.
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